BHASC tackles Homophobia

For more years than Brighton fans care to remember, we have been the subject of what is now recognised as homophobic abuse. During the 2012/13 season BHASC has been collating data of abuse on a match by match basis. This has now been collated into a report which has been issued jointly with GFSN (Gay Football Supporters' Network) and submitted to the FA, government departments and other football groups. The aim is get football and society to recognise that other forms of discrimination are taking place and that it isn't always aimed at the players on the pitch.

This report is available here for you to download.   ****WARNING****   It isn't pretty reading and we make no apologies for the language contained in it.

You may also wish to see the report made by BBC Breakfast which first aired on Monday 1st April 2013 and it wasn't an April Fool!

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