Fans United - Richard Vaughan

There are probably many events, good and bad, in the history of the Albion that stand out in the memories of its supporters. However, for me, the one that is at the forefront was held 14 years ago, on 8 February 1997, at the Goldstone Ground.

With the existing owners selling the ground, times were bad and the future of the club looked grim. Hearing about the situation a young Plymouth fan, aged 15 at the time, came up with an idea to bring together supporters of other clubs, at a forthcoming match at the Goldstone. He suggested that they should attend wearing the shirts of their own clubs and show solidarity in condemning what was happening.

The support for this was amazing. An incredible number of clubs were represented, some arriving in coach loads, and even included a contingent from abroad. Fans of rival teams massed together peacefully and the scenes and atmosphere were amazing.

The match was against Hartlepool and Brighton won by 5 goals to nil.

The fan in question was Richard Vaughan, who has kept in touch ever since. He met up with some of us recently when he was working in Hove for a few days. It's somewhat ironic that it is now his club, Plymouth Argyle, whose future is in jeopardy. I'm sure we all hope that they will come through this, as we finally did, survive, and go on to better things.

Richard would dearly love to visit our new stadium when it opens. I really hope he is able to do so.. We certainly owe a lot to him for his idea that contributed so much to the to the publicity and wider understanding of the serious situation in which our club had been placed.

Thank you Richard, who is pictured with some of us below.

Jan Merritt


photos: thanks to Moya Jackson

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