Annual Merit Award 2012

Members will recall that in time for our AGM in August votes were cast for our annual Merit Award for which we were/are very grateful.

We had a very high percentage of votes and we were pleased to announce, on the night, that the worthy winner was Martin Perry but as he was not at the AGM that evening we were able to get the engraving and new surround to the original shield ready for what we hoped would be a presentation on the pitch. Due to the ridiculous array of altered kick-off times during August and the fact that Martin decided to take a well-earned holiday in the first part of September the first opportunity was at the Birmingham home game.  We applied, as usual, for the pitch-side presentation only to be told that for reasons that were withheld from us, this had to take place in the boardroom!

Unfortunately, this is not a place, on a match day, for a large number of supporters to be admitted.  In the absence of John Hewitt on the day, Liz made an executive decision to ask Sarah to present the award plus the replica, which we did, out on the balcony overlooking the pitch.  Because of light distortion, this is the only picture that looks remotely usable, but at least our members can now see that the 'Merit Award' is now in the winner's possession (and you can see the new surround to what was quite a small shield that covered, conveniently, the Withdean Years).

Liz Costa

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