Green Army!

Basically, with Bank Holiday looming and we had nothing to do as our league had finished, where else good was there to go? Simples! Back to where the feel good factor started last September.

We had reserved seats at the FanFest (a pre-match 'experience' held in a marquee at the back of the stand) and when we arrived were very humbled to be greeted with hand shakes and hugs from Argyle fans who remembered us all. Once we had found a table to sit at, we looked at the stage and were amazed and proud to see a Brighton scarf hanging from the microphone! Throughout the 'performance' there were mentions of Brighton and thanks (which naturally prompted 'Seagulls' chants), and John Baine's poem that was read out during the September visit was again repeated. Oddly enough there were many fans who came up to us who had connections with the Brighton area: one couple had brother living in Brighton, another came to a wedding of a relative lately, one chap originated in Peacehaven .......

A wonderful afternoon (tainted slightly by a defeat although Cheltenham are/were in playoff place so not unexpected) and a very warm feeling experienced, not just by Liz, Sarah and John but by about 20-odd Brighton fans who had also made the journey down to support our 'new best friends'.

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