Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters’ Club

A not-for-profit members’ organisation – democratic, independent, and run by elected volunteers.

Our aim is to help our members – and Albion fans in general – support our football club.

2002 championship bus
Champions’ bus decorated by SC members, Apr 2002
Time to Turn Up the Heat

New stadium campaign leaflet, Oct 1998

Chris Hughton presentation 2017

SC chairman Duncan Muir presents the Sarah Watts Trophy to Chris Hughton, 2017

Wrexham present memento

Wrexham ST presents SC chairman John Hewitt with a memento (Feb 2014) in recognition of Albion fans’ help

SC dance 1980s

SC dance, 1980s

Goldstone Heritage Board

Goldstone heritage board, underwritten by SC, unveiled by Dick Knight and the Mayor, Hove Park, Jul 2011

Maty Ryan and the Merritts

Janice and Nicki Merritt present Maty Ryan with SC Away Player of the Season award, 2018

Greyhound night poster

SC centenary celebrations 2012

SC badge

SC badge, c. 1950s

Brain tumour certificate

Raising money for charity in memory of Sarah Watts, 2015

Valentine card at Hull

SC members present a giant Valentine card to John Prescott’s office, Hull, Feb 2004

SC committee 1950s

SC committee meeting, 1950s

1912 flag presentation

Albion hoist new flag presented by SC, Oct 1912

Doncaster SC prog

SC programme for last game at Goldstone, Apr 1997

Doncaster at Amex

With Doncaster Rovers fans, first league game at Amex Stadium, Aug 2011

Welsh with Supporters Club

Albion manager Don Welsh (with clock) meets SC members, c. 1949

Homophobic chanting report

Launch of SC report into homophobic abuse, Apr 2013. Our 10-year campaign succeeded in outlawing such abuse.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress on last away trip of the season, to Blackburn Rovers, May 1990

Centenary quiz 2012

Sarah Watts and Paul Samrah, SC centenary quiz night, Mar 2012

SC centenary quiz Dick’s Bar

SC centenary quiz night, Dick’s Bar, Mar 2012

Tommy Cook from handbook

Albion’s record goalscorer, SC handbook 1927/28. Swastikas were decorative before their appropriation by the Nazis.

Fans United interview

Liz Costa interviewed, Fans United, Feb 1997

Liz, Darren and John

John Hewitt and Liz Costa with PC Darren Balkham, 2012 AGM. Their chains of office date from the 1960s.

FA Sep 1996

Demo, Lancaster Gate, Sep 1996

South Goal girls

SC members – the “South Goal girls”, c. 1953

Last game at Goldstone

Supporter with SC programme at the last Goldstone game, Apr 1997

Labour conference

Labour Party conference march, Brighton, Sep 2004

Crewe demo 1996

Demo, Focus DIY HQ, Crewe, Oct 1996

Duncan Muir in New York

SC chairman Duncan Muir at the 9/11 Memorial to Robert Eaton, New York City, May 2018

John Kirkland and trophy

John Kirkland receives the Sarah Watts Trophy from John Hewitt, 2016

Chester Fans United

Demo at Fans United 3, Chester, Jan 1999

SC handbook collection 1925-77

SC handbook collection 1925-77

Petition presentation

SC members present 61,452-name petition to Brighton & Hove City Council, May 2002

Away to Norwich Mar 53, six SC commitee members 600×400

Away at Norwich City, Mar 1953

1948-49 handbook

1948/49 Albion annual, produced by SC

Litter patrols

Most Withdean litter patrols (1999–2011) were carried out by SC members

Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts (1965-2015), long-time SC secretary

England v Slovenia

SC members at England v Slovenia, Wembley, Nov 2014

Miss Albion 1970

Miss Albion, Maureen Beech, in competition organised by SC, 1970

Flag at Bolton 2015

SC flag at Bolton, Sep 2015

Quiz night poster

SC centenary quiz night poster, Mar 2012

Decorating buses 2011

Decorating champions’ buses, May 2011

Albion week prog 1949

SC Albion Week programme, 1949

South Goal girls 1950s

The “South Goal girls” on an away trip, c. 1953

Middlesbrough, Jan 2023

Coach passengers, Middlesbrough, Jan 2023

Angel of the North

En route to Newcastle by coach, Aug 2016

Oatway quiz 2012

SC quiz team, winners of Charlie Oatway’s testimonial quiz, Nov 2012

SC flag at Ipswich

The “South Goal girls” parade the SC flag at Ipswich, 1950s

Ringmer byelection

SC members and others at Ed Bassford’s by-election count for Seagulls Party, Ringmer, Aug 2006

Decorating bus 2011

John Hewitt helps decorate the champions’ open-top bus, May 2011

Seafront decoration team May 2011

SC seafront decoration team, champions’ parade, May 2011

Sally Townsend

Sally Townsend receives a memento from SC for long service to Albion and supporters

We try to:

  • Stage meetings and events for members.
  • Inform, advise and represent our members.
  • Take members and others to away matches.
  • Liaise with other supporters’ organisations for the benefit of members.
  • Liaise with authorities and clubs to enhance our members’ experience.
  • Encourage good conduct and oppose anti-social behaviour.
  • Promote inclusivity.

And we charge just £5 per season for membership.

If you want to support the Albion in the right way, you’re welcome to become a member.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.