SC event – PC Darren Balkham

Wednesday 19 July. 7.30pm

We have just confirmed the latest of our social get-togethers, having invited PC Darren Balkham to give us a pre-season update as he plans for his first season with the Albion in Europe. He has performed his role with England in the past, and was with West Ham last season so he has a wealth of experience to share with us – even before the draw is made. This will be invaluable information for anyone planning to travel to the continent.

Darren will also enlighten us on how he and his team manage the changes to Premier League fixtures as demanded by the TV companies, as well as other tales from his many years in this role.

And we are holding this evening at a new venue for the Supporters’ Club – The Empire Club, 20 Penhill Road, Lancing, BN15 8HJ. (See map here.)

This place is less than ten minutes’ walk south of Lancing railway station, and less than ten minutes north of the 700 bus route that runs from Brighton to Littlehampton. There is also a free car-park and free street parking, and plenty of room for a bumper turn out!

You are welcome to bring along a friend even if they’re not a member of the Supporters’ Club.

We are keen to bring these meetings out of Brighton & Hove on occasion, so if you know of a venue that would host us, and indeed you know someone who would make a guest speaker, please let us know. You can use the Contact form.

I very much hope to see you in Lancing on Wednesday, 19 July.

Nigel Summers, Chairman