The Supporters’ Club is run day-to-day by an elected committee, acting in accordance with rules and resolutions approved democratically by members, and with a privacy policy.

The committee is more representative now than in the 1950s – and more casually dressed!

Decisions are taken at meetings or after consultation.

All members are entitled to attend committee meetings, which are notified in the “Forthcoming events” column on the home page. If you want to do so, we advise you to contact the secretary using the Contact form in case of any late re-arrangement.

According to our rules, the committee comprises five officers – chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and membership secretary – plus up to eleven “general” members of the Supporters’ Club. All are elected at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Other members of the Supporters’ Club may be co-opted to fill vacancies among the general members. So if you have ideas and energy and would like to get involved, please let us know via the Contact form.

The Supporters’ Club committee currently comprises:

  • Advises and assists the chair
  • May speak for the Supporters’ Club
  • May act for the committee on urgent matters
  • Stands in if the chair is absent.

  • Responsible for correspondence, meetings, minutes and adherence to rules
  • May speak for the Supporters’ Club
  • Biography

  • Looks after Supporters' Club funds
  • Maintains records of income and expenditure

  • Maintains membership records and collects subscriptions
  • Biography